Friday, March 07, 2008

Over the hills and through the woods to YaYa's house we go!

Last Sunday afternoon, the girls began to watch out the window, for we were all excited to see my mom and sister with my adorable nephew and two precious nieces, who were on their way! And what a fun week we had while they were here!

Earlier this month, I found the cutest Easter baskets for my nephew and 2 nieces, so we filled them up with some little goodies that were also awaiting their arrival! (I always try to have a welcome basket awaiting our guests to let them know how much we love and appreciate their visit!)

My wonderful brother-in-law is deployed as he is proudly serving our country, so they came up to here for a little change of scenery! However, Mom and Jen brought the wrong baby...they brought my 4 1/2 year-old nephew Drew and my 2 1/2 year-old niece Sarah Katherine (who is talking so's so cute!) and a baby that is just getting too big! We celebrated her 3-month bday while they were here! We all had a fun time passing her back and, sleep, and giggle was all she did...she is such a good baby, and we loved every minute of it! (Now, of course, there would be one time of evening when she would want Uncle Ricci to be the one to hold her! Right about the same time he would come home from work! She wanted him, and he wanted her! There were several evenings that she would stay up with him late at night...just the two of them, bonding! He's definitely got the touch!)

Mom, Jen and I had fun planning our days: cooking, talking, lots of laughing, shopping, working on puzzles together, eating chocolate (Jen, you left that huge box of chocolates here...I'm not sure if that's good or bad!), and even talking to Nate via internet/ ceases to amaze me! The cousins had fun saying, "YaYa, where we going today?" They had so much fun walking/running on the treadmill [;)] and just running around the house playing with one another, and Brody misses SK terribly, for she'd walk around giving him food all day! And I miss Mimi terribly, for she helped me a great deal getting caught up on our laundry! Thanks, Mimi! They'll definitely have to come back soon, for our town does have a lot for families to do, and we did have a "fabulous" time while there were here, but there's still much for us to do! So we hope they can come back...soon, for on Thursday their trip was sadly cut short.

Wednesday afternoon Annie began not feeling so well, and by that evening her head was hurting her so badly (and she also kept complaining about her neck), and her fever went from low-grade to 103.8, and it seemed that neither Tylenol nor Motrin would bring it down successfully, so the next morning when her fever was 104.4 we said a rushed good-bye to everyone (I know they wanted to get the heck out of dodge with such a bad cold/flu season going on!), and we took her to the doctor's office. We love our pediatrician; he has nine children, five of whom are adopted! And we were told many years ago that we could throw a bomb to the man, and he would know how to disarm it...well, we've tossed him quite a few, and he's done just that! And yesterday, our poor, little Annie went through a battery of tests, and after several hours at his office, we learned that it was just a severe uti, which is something easily treated with antibiotics! (Once she has recovered, she will have an ultrasound done on her kidneys to assure our doctor that there is no underlying problem....we are all so thankful for modern medicine and that was all it is! Annie thought it was silly when Mimi graciously but seriously offered one of hers to Annie, if need be!) My poor baby! She has been more than miserable! I guess the Lord obviously saw it fitting that He and I spend some time together in prayer, for I have been begging for His healing for her...because of her high fever at times sweet Annie wouldn't be lucid or able to talk, and when she did talk, it wasn't making sense! I think the worst part was when she stopped hallucinating, she told me that she had dreamed she had found Brownie, and she asked me if it was true...aghh!

After knowing that my mom and sister had made it back home safely and after another agonizing evening of high fevers, we were able to get Annie's temps back to low-grade (we are more-than-happy for that!), and we were able to get a restful night's sleep! This morning, she is still running a low-grade fever; however, we have been able to manage it, and we see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you, dear Lord!

If anyone knows our little Annie, they know that she is a sweet girl bounding with energy...but not right now! Hopefully, Mom and Jen will come back once more before Nate returns from his deployment (We're so proud of you, NaNa!), for there is still so much for us to do! Come back soon...we miss you!!!!

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