Monday, March 10, 2008

His tools ~ Her jewels

Today the girls played "wedding." They were so cute! They baked goodies and snacks to serve at the reception, wrapped wedding gifts, got out trays and wine glasses in which to serve their food and drinks at their "reception," and they played Anna Kay Clark's CD for the music and dancing.

Tress was marrying her beaux, a tuxedo-clad Build-a-Bear; Macy was the wedding planner and maid of honor; I was to be the mother who had to hold Tressie's long veil as she walked down the "aisle" until I was seated next to Brody and the rest of the family and guests (closely resembling more stuffed animals)! Ahhh...the dreams and aspirations of a young girl!

Obediently, I sat still on the sofa until I had to excuse myself for laughing too hard...well disguised as tears of anguish for losing my a Build-a-Bear! I had to leave when I overheard them discussing the wedding rings...Annie quietly slipped the "husband's" ring over the teddy bear's ear "since his hand was too fat," and Macy told them that was alright, for Tressie could wear all of the rings! She said, "A woman's hand is only good for diamonds and shopping bags!" She went on to say, "His tools; her jewels!"

Where do they learn this stuff?!? Certainly, not m-wah!


Fee said...

That is adorable...... I like that saying! Your girls sound like little characters!

Great to meet you for the first time..... you have a lovely blog.

Christina said...

I love it! Your girls are so cute and what great imaginations!