Friday, March 21, 2008

Mountains, Rivers, Oceans and Canyons!

Waking up to some yucky weather (lovely, spring thunderstorms), we decided that we would take the risk of getting to the IMAX in time to see the preview of their newest film, Grand Canyon Adventure 3D. We had been given an opportunity to go and see a free screening of the movie which is now showing. We made it there...just in the nick of time, and it was simply amazing! The 3-D film takes one down the mighty Colorado River on a thrilling, whitewater rafting trip. And I highly recommend it to anyone! Now, there was a global-warming slant to it; however, I just write that off easily as 'only time will tell'....until we are being warned about our global-cooling situation!

The scenery was beautiful, and I can tell you that everyone in the theatre blinked (or even wiped!) the water away from their is so real! It's just amazing to me how 3-D videography can trick one's brain! You must go and see it!

After the movie, we went back home to get ready for Aunt Jan and Uncle Eddie. We readied the house and then drove down to meet them at the Aquarium. We spent a fun day walking through the exhibits and checking out every plant and animal that there is!
Oh, how these girls love their Aunt Jan & Uncle Eddie!
Annie checkin' out the stingrays...yes, all but Macy and I were touching them!
After we had seen all that there was to see, we went back to our house and enjoyed a "quick" appetizer (Alal's 7-layer dip) and then headed out to Canyon Grill for dinner. Thankfully, we had a reservation so we didn't have to wait...and man; it was good! After enjoying some rajas and french bread with our Layer Cake Shiraz and Hogue Riesling, we all ate til we could eat no more. Jan and I enjoyed the chicken with capers (my "usual"); Uncle Eddie had the grilled salmon; Eric enjoyed the chicken with roasted red pepper sauce; and the girls always get the chicken with the creamy herb dip, garlic-mashed potatoes and lima beans...I know, I know...lima beans have never tasted as good as they do out there! And their water with the tiny bites of ice is enough to make me drive out there...just for their's so highly's all sooo good!

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