Friday, March 14, 2008

Oprah and her influence

Lately, several friends have asked my opinion on Oprah's new book and study on A New Earth and A Course in Miracles. And I have to say that until now, I haven't been familiar with them at all. But after having done a little research on the studies, my stand is the same but stronger...I don't want any part of it.

Laughingly, I say that I have limited brain cells, and setting a few brain cells aside to following Oprah and her teachings is not at the top of my priority's no where on my list!

My hope that she gets the message that conservative Christians aren't subject to being her followers, for I don't consider half of what she says as pearls of wisdom at all! Personally, I do feel as if she has way-too-much influence on many people that would ordinarily think for themselves or stay true to God's truth.

Sadly to say, at times I have unknowingly been influenced by those that craftily form their words, so I've learned to always be cautious to not quickly jump onto any bandwagon. And after reading a few Internet reviews/postings on her new book, I'm even more convinced...we should be wary! Some girlfriends have suggested buying the book to see "what all of the talk is about"; however, I'd rather not have the book benefit from any of our money (which implies to the publishers that we're supporters!), nor do I want my time to be wasted on reading empty lies and paraphernalia...can you tell I feel strongly about this?!?

This IS scary, and we do need to be aware! I'm sad to say that Oprah does have tremendous influence on the general public! Christians do need to take heed! Here is a very good article written by Warren Smith.

It's not surprising at all that Oprah Winfrey is supporting Barak Obama!!!

Christians do need to take heed!!


Jonesey said...

That is just nuts nuts nuts!

Blessedbeyondmeasure said...

Hi Stephanie! It was SO good to meet you and your gorgeous girls today!

I totally agree with you about the influence that Oprah has over people. It's scary! I consider her book and the clsses she's teaching to be absolute trash. I wish more christians would listen carefully and not be so easily taken in by her.

I hope you have a nice weekend!

BethG said...

Hi! I have enjoyed your blog. I reached it thru CMNatureStudy. Can you please tell me what music you have playing? Thanks!

mom2dixiechirps said...

I'm glad that you enjoy it...I love it too! It's "The Dark Night of the Soul" from Loreena McKinnet's "The Mask and Mirror" album. I think it's beautiful too!