Saturday, March 08, 2008

It's snowing!!!

It's snowing outside, and it's more than beautiful! Now as a typical southerner, I can spot the first snow-flake that falls in our region, but this time it really is coming down and sticking to the ground! And I know that I don't know that much about snow, but I'm pretty sure that this snow is what one calls "powder," for the wind will come through, and the snow will fly back up into the air to resettle with more that's falling. It's simply beautiful!

The birds are all in hyper-motion collecting a few extra seeds from the feeders. I guess they instinctively know to gather what they can before it's covered up (yes, I'm an optimistic southerner!) The birds' colors...they are even more brilliant against the white snow! How beautiful it all is!

Normally I would stick around just watching out the window, but today...there is a big sale that I must get to! I've been needing to replace our umbrella on our wrought iron patio table, and there will be one on sale at 10AM at Tuesday Morning. And you know that there are a few other important close-out prices, of course! I shop there only occasionally, and I haven't been to a sales event there in a while, but I remember going there once with a friend to one of their sales, and we had to take turns standing in line while one of us shopped and the other one held our place in was crazy, so I'm hoping that it won't be like that today!

Here's to all of us, the weather, and happy shopping!

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