Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All in a day's work!

This morning, the girls and I got right down to business, for this afternoon Macy and her daddy had the pleasure of going to a field trip together.

After breakfast and a few chores we settled right into working on our prayer journals (which I'm proud to say that the younger two are now writing their own prayers of thanksgiving and requests into their own prayer journals! I was spending the time to write them down for them, but now they are writing their own, and one day we'll look back and be even more grateful for their sweet, little penmanship and silly misspellings!) Then we completed our math, language and some of our history readings. Then for some of our extracurricular reading, we continued our Family Under Fire, A Story of the Civil War, which is so good, and we just "needed" to read some more of it!

After lunch, our sweet daddy left work a little early to come and pick up Macy to take her to a little field trip with some of our homeschool group. They went to visit Niedlov's, which is a quaint, little bakery...I hope the word 'little' doesn't' offend them...if so, sorry! They learned lots and had a fun time bringing us home some of the most wonderful, chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies and had fun telling us all about what/where/who they saw! Macy had a good time catching up with some friends of hers, and Eric enjoyed getting to see how a bakery produces their baked goods on such a large scale and large equipment!

Later that evening, I had the pleasure of meeting some girlfriends (from the same homeschool group) out for a dinner at our favorite, local Mexican restaurant! We got together to eat, catch up with one another, encourage each other, and just laugh at what has/hasn't worked for us as individuals teaching our children and our homeschool group as a whole! I have to say that I left those gals feeling sooo refreshed about how I'll continue rearing our little family as well as how excited about how we'll continue leading our homeschool group! We have lots of little changes which I feel for sure will have lots of necessary, positive impact! I just love those gals!

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