Friday, July 14, 2006

Happy Birthday, my sweet!

Happy Birthday, my sweet!

Today is Eric's birthday, and what a great day he (we) have had! The girls and I joined him at noon for a little lunch/picnic downtown at Miller Plaza for the "Rhythm & Noon" concert, which was pretty nice...acoustic folk and jazz. The music sounded like that of Gordon Lightfoot, which the girls loved and had to dance quite a bit...Eric has made them pretty, big fans of "the man that sings Pony Man"! Then the girls and I ran a couple of errands before we met up with Eric again. For his birthday, he was hoping for some great ribs (which is NOT part of my cooking repertoire!), so he humbly showed me a free birthday rib dinner e-mail that his favorite rib restaurant, Sticky Fingers, had given to him! Could it get better? Yes, it could! As we were leaving to go to the restaurant, the girls discovered in the mailbox 3 $10 gift cards as a prize for an essay that they had secretly submitted (with some help) for a Father's Day essay contest on "Why My Daddy is the Best on the Planet." 1st place was a grill; 2nd place was a year's supply of sauce; and 3rd place was a $10 gift certificate...they only submitted one essay, but they each were given a gift card! Woohoo! So the girls and I were able to take Eric out to dinner for his birthday without actually spending his money! Okay, maybe a little bit of it!
And with an extra special dinner here at home Saturday night and a little birthday party get-together (with a couple of other friends that share the same birthday!) on Sunday night, I would say that this has been a good birthday to let Eric know how much we love and appreciate him!


Delorisf62 said...

I love reading about you and your family. It brightens my day.

Eric said...

I would wholeheartedly concur. This has been a wonderful birthday. I appreciate all of your hard work. Thank you for making me feel special.