Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I love you, Mother Simpson!

101 years ago today (July 24th) my dearest, great-grandmother was born! For some time now, we have relished the fact that we have FIVE, living generations (taking photos of us all together whenever possible)...and in addition to that, my girls and I have been so richly blessed by the Christian heritage set before us!

This evening our little family called her to wish her a happy birthday. It was SO wonderful to hear her voice! The girls sang Happy Birthday to her, and we talked to her for a brief period. I always seem to be in tears when I have leave her or have to end our phone conversations. She has the most beautiful, sing-song voice with the dearest of Southern accents, and her spirit is to be admired forever! She is the most humble, gracious, forgiving, loving, and understanding lady of all ladies that I've ever known! And likewise, she is the most generous person, always willing to share what little she has. If only I could live more like her!

This last weekend, our extended family and friends celebrated her 101st birthday with our traditional, annual birthday party in a small town, which is south of Dothan, Alabama. Sadly, we weren't able to join everyone; however, we are already anxiously awaiting next year's 102nd birthday celebration!

A cute story that I'll always remember about her: for her 100th birthday party, my dad collected and retold some information about her early childhood...he questioned her about the first time that she had ever seen a car. My dad pushed her to get some more information about who owned the car, and she continued to sweetly say, "Oh, some man from up north." Dad pushed further and further to learn that the man had lived up north...Alabama that is! He was from somewhere around Birmingham, Alabama! Of course, to a small town, southern family, Birmingham, AL was a long distance in those days! She is so precious, and she does keep us laughing!

May this next year be another blessed year with our dear Mother Simpson!

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