Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mamaw's 87th Birthday Party!

Macy and I just returned from a fun trip to Dallas, where we flew to be with my Aunt Losi and Uncle Richard. After struggling to use a ticket that I had "earned" on my last plane trip coming back from Memphis on Northwest (argh!), my sweet Dad bought me, Macy, and my mom tickets using some of his Delta miles...thanks, Daddy! Knowing that meals were in the freezer and that Eric and the girls were going to be okay (with a HUGE special thanks to the Bosshardt family AND Kara and Amelia Crouch!), we packed our bags and headed for the airport! And as we had planned, we flew out of Chattanooga on July 5th and into Atlanta, which is where my mom got on the next plane with us to Dallas. We arrived on time, and my uncle picked us up telling us that our aunt Losi was really ill. As we were planning to follow "our" plan, the Lord had another plan of His own. We spent the evening with my uncle, and we enjoyed an evening out to dinner with him...all the while praying for a quick recovery for Aunt Losi. We then returned to their home, and we spent a wonderful evening on their back porch (equipped with ceiling fans, TV, fridge, etc.) while Macy enjoyed swimming in their pool. And we have to say that Uncle Richard, whom we called "Coco, our Texan houseboy" was so wonderful to spend time with us girls and cater to our every whim!

The next day, we awoke and went straight back out to their wonderful back porch to visit some more and watch Macy swim some more. At a moment when Macy and I were alone, we decided to pray for a miracle...for God to heal Aunt Losi so that she could join us and we could enjoy spending time with each other. As we finished praying, Mom came outside to tell us that Aunt Losi was feeling better and was sitting in their living room...Hooray! Macy and I laughed and said that God does answer our prayers, even miracles! So our trip continued to be wonderful...a time to visit with one another, laugh, swim, etc. And Macy is becoming quite a good swimmer!

The next day, we sadly left Uncle Richard and drove off to Louisiana to celebrate Mamaw's 87th birthday. I have to say that one of my favorite parts of the trip was riding in the back of that fancy, new car with Macy...I'm not sure that anyone had even sat back there before we did! We stopped in Shreveport to have lunch with Great Pawpaw, and it was so wonderful to see him even if it was just for a short while! Then we hurried on to Ruston to get to Mamaw's nursing home in time for Macy to play Bingo with her! They went; they played; they won! Then we checked into our hotel, went and ordered Mamaw's birthday cake, picked up some party favors, and drove back to the nursing home where we spent a fun evening in the lobby with Mamaw and some of her friends.

Going back and forth to Louisiana this Spring and Summer, we have been able to visit with Mamaw more this year than at any other time in my life. So we have gotten to know some of the other ladies and her friends that are also living at Alpine Retirement Home. Well, we have fallen in love with another lady, Claire Rose, that was moved to Alpine last year when she and her husband were evacuees from Hurricane Katrina. Since then her husband has passed away, and sweet Claire Rose is not even aware of it. She speaks with such a heavy, Cajun/French accent that no one can tell what she is saying, but we just absolutely love talking to her. There are a few words that we can distinguich, and she would call Macy "Angel." Aunt Losi and I began to talk to her about music; we asked if she could play this or that instrument, and her face would just light up. She then began to sing some Cajun songs, and we actually danced along to her "music." Mamaw even felt like getting out of her wheel chair to dance a little with us. We had so much fun! Later that evening, we returned to our hotel for a good night's sleep.

The next morning, we ate b'fast at the hotel, visited some with Mamaw, and then we drove out into the country (you've gotta love the beauty of some of those "backroads" of Louisiana) to pick up some newly published geneology books that Mom had ordered. And as we drove back to Ruston, we ran into some great friends/family from Florida that also has family in Ruston, Greg and MaryAnn Waldron! It was wonderful to see them! Then we hurriedly picked up the birthday cake and rushed back to Alpine to quickly decorate the reception hall where we had a wonderful birthday party for Mamaw! Close friends and family and many of the residents joined us to wish her a happy birthday. And as a surpise, my cousin Mike and his family joined us, and his youngest son Luke played the piano for her while we served cake and ice cream. What fun it was!

After the party, Macy and I went with my aunt Lil, my cousin Amy, and her two girls, Melanie and Miranda, to run a few errands and then back to the hotel to let the kids play in the pool while we visited, ate dinner, and played Skip-Bo, which is a favorite Bennett family past time! Amy and I rearranged luggage to accommodate 4 boxes of clothes that she brought for our 3 girls...thanks, Amy! Then we later said goodbye, and we enjoyed another restful night in the hotel talking, laughing and watching a good movie on TV.

The next morning, we quickly ate breakfast at the hotel and went to have Sunday School at Alpine with Mamaw. Of course, I'm always a little late getting places, but this time I had a great excuse....when we walked into the lobby at Alpine, there sat my sweet Claire Rose, so Macy and I offered to take her to SS with us. So Macy took off with her in her wheel chair, and there were two other wheel-chair bound ladies that wished to go too. So I pushed one and pulled the other one. We laughed all the way down the hall...I had them saying, "Weeee!" And then when we got their chairs situated in a jumbled mess in the chapel, the deacon that was there to lead SS said, "My! We have more people in here than ususal!" Well, Macy and I were out of breath, but we still let out a little giggle, knowing that we had literally dragged a few extras into there! SS was wonderful, and our family truly enjoyed getting to hear Miss Nettie get up and sing, "This Little Light of Mine" while she told us that she was a 90 yr. old Christian, loved Jesus, and loved everyone in the room! She sang and danced while most of the residents wheeled themselves out while all were saying, "She does this every, single time!" But we enjoyed it!

After spending more time with Mamaw, we sadly had to say goodbye and drive back to Dallas. Once we arrived back in Dallas, Uncle Richard unloaded his car that had never seen so much stuff! And we all ended up back onto their back porch while Macy (and I) swam a little! Then dinner, some jamming with the drums, congos, etc. and a little game of Phase 10, and we all went to bed...not knowing what we would do tomorrow morning before our flight back home!

The next morning, we awoke, packed our suitcases/bags (at least all that would fit!), and drove off toward "Sam Moon's," which is a store that I will never make it too! Aunt Losi, now being called Lo-Lo, has told me about it for years, so we said goodbye and thank you to Uncle Richard and left for Sam Moon's. And on the way, Lo-Lo drove us through what looked like Mexico for all of the cheap prices, yet "ALL" of the signs were in Chinese! We hit the jackpot! I found the extra luggage that I "greatly-needed" as well as an extreme deal on some jewelry! Mom found the turquoise jewelry that she "greatly needed"! Macy found the "cute, little, pink purse that she greatly needed"! And Lo-Lo couldn't get us back to the car to hurry on to Sam Moon's! So I still didn't make it Sam Moon's, but there is always a next time!

Then an amazing lunch at Los "Something" where we had a great time eating, laughing, and talking. Then we stood in the shade and repacked all of the clothes from Amy and our new purchases into our new luggage, and off to the airport we went! We hated saying goodbye and thank you to Aunt Losi, but we were also excited to get back home! And again, it was fun to fly on the same plane with Mimi as far as Atlanta, and then we separated our paths for us to return to Eric (aka "Macy's" Daddy), Annie, and Tressie and for Mimi to return to Pawaw (aka "my" Daddy)!

As the girls always say, "Home again! Home again! Jiggety-Jig!"

It is SO wonderful to have family to love, be loved, and just to enjoy being with one another! Thank you, dear Lord, for a safe and wonderful trip!

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Sounds like a wonderful family! Keep up the great writing for all to enjoy!