Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New at Blogging!

Well, I'm beginning to think that I too can't live without blogging! What a great way this is to keep up with friends and family! And to allow friends and family to keep up with us!

I'm not sure just how often I will post; however, I believe that blogging (just as journaling does) will assist me in seeing how truly blessed I am!

I have been given such a wonderful husband, and three, wonderful, little pride & joys (nicknamed the DixieChirps by Aunt K-ren)! Wonderful parents! A dear, wonderful sister and friend! A roof over our heads! Food on our table! Man's best friend, our dog named Brody! And a wonderful group of friends and family to call my own!

Here's to my newest adventure in blogging!

1 comment:

Eric said...

Looks Great Hon! Here's to your new adventure. I love your story telling skills. I'm sure it will be a big hit.