Saturday, May 30, 2009

Album and a bag for under a buck!

Here's a deal that's really great (we have Andrew Peterson to thank for directing us to this!):

Several of the artists with Andrew's new label, Centricity, are offering digital downloads of their entire album for $.99 for a limited time. Click on the store tab and then the digital download banner.

Going to this site, we were introduced to a new group, Downhere, that we have really enjoyed! We downloaded their newest album, Ending is Beginning, (for $.99!), and we're addicted to it! The sound of their music has lots of piano and symphony in it. (Hey, Carolyn...this isn't going to be your kind of piano/symphony cup'o'tea!)

Our favorite two songs (right now) are "My Last Amen" and "Hope Is Rising." (Tiffy, I think y'all will like them too! Want me to get you a cd for our Christmas present?) Great songs on there for the treadmill!

Their newest album, Ending is Beginning, reminds us that the end of our life here on earth is actually just the beginning! And I just have to give another plug for Andrew Peterson, for his song Far Country on his Far Country album, for it has the same premise; here on earth we are living in the far country, and one day we will truly be home. It's hard for me to mentally put a grip on that concept (Labronda, don't get a tummy-ache!) , for I so dearly love life here on earth with the amazing family and friends with which I've been blessed; however, I do have hope and faith that the life to come is going to be so much more!

I remember sitting on the "brown, leather sofa" as a little girl with my mom and 'confessing' to her that I couldn't say that I loved the Lord more than her, and she hugged me and sweetly said that God loves me more than she ever could and that my understanding would only grow in time...hmmm, that momma of mine seems to know what she's talkin' about!

On a completely different topic...enjoying life here in this far's a great bag that I found online!

It says, Save Water/Drink Riesling! is giving away this free reusable shopping bag when you join them in raising awareness of the precious nature of our water resources.

Click here to order.
Now go back and get that album before times up!

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Hi! I like the music too. :)