Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Supper time with Cricket

Supper time with Cricket is a hoot and a half! Every night...she keeps us rolling with laughter at what she either says or does. She always has! She just seems to have the perfect comedic timing and hilarity in how she describes everyday, normal things! This evening was no different!

On nice evenings we've been enjoying eating supper outside, and this evening while eating her supper, she loudly exclaimed, "This corn is freakin' good!"

Uh...I'm not sure where she learned that word...hmmm, but it was really good corn on the cob tonight! (I've been tossing an ear or two or five into my buggy at the grocery store every time I go since they're apparently in season [where? I don't know!], and Ricci's been grilling them for us! Hmmm!!)

Yes, Cricket has always (since she was eensy-teensy) kept us roaring with laughter at the things that she tells us....especially at the supper table.

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