Thursday, May 28, 2009 be a better mom this summer!

This week has been so wonderful...other than Cricket's first bee sting (ouch!) and the pain in my right heel...too much running around in my YellowBox (summer-time must have's for me!) and exercising on the treadmill, I guess!

Yep...Cricket's hand is still pretty swollen today after she was stung by a bee (on Tuesday night!) while she was helping take supper outside for the family. He just sort of landed on her hand, and while she was trying to see what it was, he stung her! Bless her heart! Today she says it doesn't "pinch or itch"; it's just still pretty puffy! Thankfully, it was on her left hand!

But the house is still pretty clean from having company (one reason why I like to keep having company!), and it's been so nice to not feel the pressure to stay on a school schedule...funny thing is that I'm probably doing better now that we're off of a schedule; I just hate the feeling of being behind the 8-ball, so now that I'm more relaxed I've had more time and enjoyment of getting things more organized around here, washing/ironing, playing (dare I say the 'craft' word! blech!), keeping bedrooms straightened, etc. I LOVE summer-time!

I'm really trying to get more habits formed around here. I've always kept a schedule around here that has our 'let's just at least aim for this' plan, but as the girls get older and our family changes, I need to update it and tweak it a bit for next year's school schedule.

I'm really trying to work hard toward getting on a schedule that flows naturally as a result of habits, and I'm also trying to get back on a schedule of planning our really helps me when the "freak-out hour" comes just before supper-time, and I feel as though I'm behind the 8-ball! So I'm working on some new recipes for our family, and I'm trying to clean out our pantry and out-door freezer in preparation for the new school year. It'll be here before we know it!

I think I'll keep the same plan to keep the house straightened (until our Bonnie comes back!), but I'll just work harder at stickin' to my plan! I'm such a perfectionist that it's more my nature to let it all that I can get it all back together, but doing a little bit each day really does help! But... oooh, I really struggle with staying on top of our laundry! But this summer, I'm going to try to curb that struggle as well as try to rid our home of some of the extra clutter and get us more organized for the new school year. (Tips?!?) Yes, we're working on railing those daily habits!

Until 'my Bonnie comes back' here's our house-keeping 'let's just at least aim for this' schedule:

Monday – Organize calendar/meal plans for the week; Water houseplants; De-clutter tabletops; Change bedsheets; Tidy bathrooms

Tuesday – Clean windows/mirrors; Tidy bedrooms/closets

Wednesday – Vacuum & Mop; Dust

Thursday – Grocery shopping and errands

Friday – Clean bathrooms

Saturday – Laundry? Offer help with Honey-Do's?

Sunday – Lord's Day / Ahhh! A Day of Rest!

Everyday tasks: Make the beds. Do a load (or two!) of laundry...I guess that means that I have to find a workable way of returning the clothes to their rooms too! Clean kitchen counters. Keep kitchen sink shiny...this really makes a difference for me! Unload and reload Dishwasher. Keep things picked up and in their place!

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