Thursday, April 24, 2008

Annie's birthday "week"!

This week was a loooong week!

On Monday, we ended our spring break and got back to our regular school schedule, although Momma's still re-adjusting it! (Isn't that one of the many perks of homeschooling?) After we finished our school work, the girls and I ran off to do some errands...which did include picking up a few last minute things for our birthday girl! I was wondering how-on-earth I was going to pick up a few gifts for her from her family (like a fishing pole for her daddy, a fish for her sister, etc.), and God answered our questions...the little thing asked to climb into the back of the buggy, and I bought a towel (we can always use an extra towel, and she needed a pillow!) for her to lay her head...and she was OUT! At first, I thought she was kidding, but she was truly sound asleep! And thankfully, that allowed Macy and Tressie and I to pick up a few things for her gifts and her breakfast the next morning! She didn't even wake up until I awoke her...after I had hidden her gifts in the back of the car! I think she's still just worn out from all of the tests and attention given to her not feeling well! "Bless her heart!" Her sleeping in the back of the buggy was so cute that I just had to take a photo!

On Tuesday, we got up early to begin celebrating Annie's birthday! We woke her up (yeah, right...the little early-riser was lying there in her bed pretending to be asleep so as not to disappoint us!), and we gave her some birthday gifts. Later on that morning we went and picked up her best friend, Efrem, and took him out with us to have a fun day on the town! We met Daddy downtown to have a birthday lunch with him and then the girls, Efrem and I went on to the Aquarium. (Tip to self: next time, DON'T wear brand-new shoes to do so much walking and DO take someone stronger than you when you have to wheel a heavy, run-a-way wheelchair down so many slanted paths...whew!)

Annie's showing Efrem a beautiful butterfly that she 'caught' inside the butterfly pavillion...Annie's favorite exhibit!

The girls found some divers that showed them a good time! Through the glass they played patty-cake, rock-paper-scissors, etc. They were so funny!

After our fun trip to the Aquarium, we enjoyed sitting outside at Coldstone Creamery and had a little bite of ice-cream....ooh, it's so good!

Then on Wednesday, we had to wake up earlier than usual to do our shuttling around of girls so that Eric and I could get Annie to the hospital (see earlier post). Bless her heart, it wasn't a fun trip, but it was nice to have "just you and me time."

On Thursday, we tried to have a day of normalcy and tried to stay at home. We did our schoolwork, and I did a little tidying up and preparing our foods for Annie's birthday party on Friday!

Then the next day....thank goodness it's Friday...we spent the morning doing some schoolwork, and then I got serious about getting the house ready for our supper club to come over to help us celebrate Annie's birthday! Suprisingly, Eric was at home around lunchtime when I cut my hand VERY badly, and he helped me finish up a few last-minute things before our guests began to arrive! The Parkers, Daniels, Caulkins and the Scotts all joined us...and we realized that our supper club's ratio of children to adults has increased...we now have 10 adults and 11 kids! All of them individually are such blessings!

We were prepared to have a "Hoe Down" outside; however, the weather (God!) had other plans, so we all stayed inside where it was dry, and after the kids ate, Eric set up the DVD projector and had a BIG showing of Toy Story in the family room while the adults all enjoyed our dinner. It was a fun and wonderful evening!

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