Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sweet, little Annie!

Thanks so very much to those that called, wrote, etc. Your show of love, concern and prayers for our little Annie helped us through that difficult day! We greatly appreciated it! Annie did a great job...she was definitely scared but brave. I didn't tell her too much in advance, for I feared her dwelling on it, so I let the doctor's explain it to her while I sat beside her and reassured her. I was concerned that I was being foolish by not explaining everything to her ahead of time, but it worked out perfectly!

My good friend Eric Hathaway reminded me that God 'often' does not reveal all of His details to us...only in His perfect timing. He agreed that children don't always need to know everything and that God does not always reveal everything to us. He asks us to trust Him and his knowledge and wisdom. Eric was so kind to relate these our withholding the info from her we were helping her to trust and rely on us as her parents...exactly as God teaches us to trust and rely on Him to know what is best for us. I really appreciated those words of encouragement!

I'm still amazed at how God paved our path for that day...I could definitely feel His answer to our prayers! Eric's typically even-keeled, so I didn't detect any anxiety on his part, and I could personally feel God's answer for our prayers of peace. I was still very anxious, but God did allow the doctors to have both Eric and I in the room with her, and Annie was a very strong girl!

And looking back, the time that Eric and I spent sitting with Annie and waiting 'for our turn' was precious time well spent. We always love to have the opportunity to just sit and enjoy one child at a time, and that day was set aside for some more "just you and me time"! We knew that the other girls were having a great time....Macy once again spent the day with sweet Miss Craig, while Tressie had the pleasure of becoming a Stephens for a day! And after several hours spent at the hospital, the nurses showered Annie with gifts, then we took her to pick out a new Webkinz...we would have given that girl the world! We were so proud of her, thankful that we had friends to help us out and most importantly thankful that God gave us a sense of peace and comfort!

Now just the waiting!

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