Tuesday, April 22, 2008

God enjoys drawing us near!

After a more-than-wonderful trip to Louisiana, we knew that we needed to get back home by a certain day, for we had to have Annie at the children's hospital to have an ultrasound done on her kidneys after having several episodes with her over the last couple of months.

So early that morning Macy went to spend the morning with Miss Craig; Tressie had the joy of going to work with her daddy, while Annie and I had the pleasure of spending "just you and me time" sitting at the hospital. They checked her in, and we sat some more. The children's hospital really is a place of wonder. All of the waiting rooms are equipped with a television monitor that is playing the same movie, so as we walked from one room to another, Annie didn't miss a single line of "Surf's Up."

Just resting assured that they wouldn't find anything, I held Annie's hand through the ultrasound until she was assured herself that there was nothing to be of concern. After hearing that our doctor would 'get back with us' in a couple of days, we left and ran a couple of errands while enjoying some "just you and me time" before picking up her sweet sisters.

The next morning, the phone rang; it was our pediatrician, who called to tell us that they did find something on her left kidney, so he wanted her scheduled for further testing. Later that day, the hospital called and told us that they had scheduled her next test for the following Tuesday! Holding back the tears, I told them that was her birthday! So thankfully, I was able to reschedule it for the following day.

For some reason, God planned all of this around her birthday...I'm still not sure why; however, we decided that it was best to not say anything to sweet Annie, and we just prayed and asked our close friends and family to pray with us. We are in His hands, and in His timing He reveals to us what He wills. We as parents are so very thankful to have her...she adds so much to our lives! Sometimes so much that this 'lil gal keeps us on our knees!

Psalm 121

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