Saturday, April 26, 2008

Boiled Peanuts and Foggy Pearls!

We've had a wonderful week....Meems and P-Daddy came through town twice, so we were able to visit with them while they were here! The last evening that they were here, my sweet daddy told us to invite Efrem to join us for dinner, and after I insisted that I just prepare dinner here at home, Dad went and picked up Efrem for a fun, enjoyable evening here at home. We enjoyed a wonderful meal (Eric prepared Mimi and Pawpaw's favorite...pan-seared tilapia with capers and a lemon wine's really good! Macy made her famous dill cole-slaw, and I prepared mashed red-potatoes, a really good spring mixed salad with cranberries, mandarin oranges, bleu cheese and toasted/candied pecans), and then after dessert Dad and Annie drove Efrem back home, while the rest of us went for a little walk. We absolutely love having them here, for they are so easy to entertain. They always bring us really great Mimi's special pumpkin bread for (one of her two) favorite son-in-laws, wine from our favorite vineyard, boiled peanuts from our favorite L.A. road-side stand (can you tell that I had a well-rounded childhood?) The girls put on little shows for them, scratch Pawpaw's back, get up early to visit with them...Annie rushes downstairs to "beat everyone else" so that she can have "just Mimi and her time" before the sun comes up, and Macy and Tressie usually snuggle up with Pawpaw while he reads to them one fairy tale after another! We'll have big breakfasts, and then decide what we'll do for the day! Generally, Mimi and the girls and I will go one direction while the fellas take off to either Northern Tool & Supply, Harbor Freight Tools or Sears. Then we'll meet back up with one another before heading back home....then on the tragic day that they leave, we all tear up. We love them so much and always hate to see them leave!
Thank you Mimi and Pawpaw for loving us the way that you do!
We love you too!

This last time when they left, we received a phone call from Aunt Jan and Uncle Eddie, who were traveling to Sewanee, and they wanted to see if we wanted to join them for a birthday dinner for Aunt Jan at Pearl's [Foggy Mountain Cafe]...uhhh, yeah! Reservations were at 5:30, so we had to get ourselves into high gear! So our sadness over Mimi and Pawpaw quickly turned to excitement to see Uncle Eddie and Aunt Jan while celebrating her birthday...woohoo...along with a strong desire for tasting really great food and wine! Eric and I enjoyed sea scallops with a port wine & pomegranate glaze, couscous and sauteed Napa cabbage (oh, I am craving more now!); the girls enjoyed chicken fingers (which we all agreed tasted just like Mother Simpson' good!) with white cheddar cheese grits; Uncle Eddie enjoyed the special, which was tuna with wasabi mashed potatoes and somethin' else...after tasting the wasabi mashed potatoes my thoughts disappeared; and the birthday girl enjoyed roasted chicken with Basmati rice and fresh English peas. For dessert (it doesn't matter where we are eating...), all Tressie has to do is give Uncle Eddie one look (and mind you...when he's around, she right there...I'm not sure if she's wrapped around his finger, or if she has him wrapped around her little finger!), for he will order her the moon! Eric and Eddie (and Tressie) enjoyed their bread puddings with a rich bourbon glaze while Macy, Annie and I took care of a triple-chocolate mousse, and the birthday girl enjoyed her favorite...a vanilla bean Crème Brûlée...oooh, it's all sooo good!

After enjoying such a wonderful dinner, Macy and I just had to take a ride in Uncle Eddie's new hybrid SUV, so we drove out to their "home away from home" and visited with them some out there. Of course, the girls feel right at home out there...we re-make friends with Prince Snarles (or Buddy as they call their sweet, darlin' and snarlin' yellow lab), and then the girls run to their favorite 'spots.' Annie always snuggles up on the big sofa and checks out the "Where's Waldo" books while Macy and Tressie race to call shot-gun and get up on the big comfy bed in "their" doesn't take long to see why they like it so much...there's a huge TV at the end of the bed, and Uncle Eddie always finds something wonderful for them to watch! That evening, the waterfall was running so loudly, so the rest of us hung out on their sunroom, enjoyed good coffee, talked about "this and that" (eh'hem) and laughed 'til we could laugh no more. We always have such a great time going up there, and it's always hard to leave!
Thank you, Aunt Jan and Uncle Eddie, for such a wonderful evening!
We love you tons and bunches!


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"this and that" (eh'hem) - Is this because you chose not to use four letter words on your blog?

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