Monday, April 21, 2008

Easter, cont.

After we sadly left Pawpaw, we got back on the road to make it to lunch at my cousin's house. It was really great to see everyone! Aunt Lil, my cousin Amy and her daughters Melanie and Miranda were entertaining us all! Aunt Losi and Uncle Richard were there, and I was even able to see my cousin Greg, whom I haven't seen in years! My cousins Mike and Dawn and their boys were there (next time I'll see them will be in Rome!); Uncle Ray and Aunt Virginia were there for a little while. And Jen and her kids were there (Mimi stayed with Mamaw at the hospital). Everyone had so much fun...and the fact that there was a new, little puppy didn't help any! The kids had a blast just playing in their backyard; Amy had a wonderful lunch and yummy birthday cake for Michael (Happy Birthday, again!); the little ones had fun hunting Easter eggs; Jen and I had fun playing their Wii (is that how it's spelled?)! Fun and lots of laughter was had by all!

That evening we drove back to Ruston, and Macy and I dropped off Eric, Annie and Tressie to check us into the hotel where mom and Jen were staying so they could unpack us while she and I drove to the hospital to see Mamaw. We ended up spending the better part of the night there with her, for she had a difficult evening. She was so weak, and her IV wasn't working. Macy was a trooper and so patient and kind while we stayed with Mamaw. We got back to the hotel late that evening, and early the next morning Mom and I drove back to the hospital to be with her. Thankfully, Mamaw had a good night's sleep.

Later that day we drove over to Uncle Ray's house to take Annie fishing (she's dreamed of fishing her "whole, entire life"!) and have a fish fry! We had a wonderful time, and the food was unbelievable! Uncle Ray prepared us catfish marinated in Dijon mustard and then rolled in talk about good! It was a fun day spent with Uncle Ray and Aunt Virginia, who gave me a ton of sewing books...thank you! A little sun on our faces, a little shopping at the Beehive, a visit back to see Mamaw, and a nice, quiet evening in the hotel...another wonderful day! Tomorrow would be Easter Sunday!

The next day was Easter Sunday...what a gloriously, beautiful day it was! We all drove over to Monroe to worship with some good friends of ours at Auburn Avenue. It was great to see them, and the sermon was wonderful. When we got back to the hotel, we took a formal photo of Drew and all of the granddaughters ~ in their matching Easter front of a coke machine! We were all starving and ready to get out of our Sunday clothes. After lunch, some of us went to visit with Mamaw (we tried to go in shifts so as not to overwhelm her), and some of us took a nap while we were locked out of our hotel room...not even the manager's master key would open it! After the hotel had to call someone to take our door apart to get it open, we were finally able to get back into our room...and then I took the baby and left to go and spend some time with Mamaw and Mom, who was still at the hospital with her. And all I have to say is, "Whew! I had forgotten how incredibly heavy those baby carriers are! And all of the paraphernalia that one has to take 'just in case'!" But it was a lot of fun spending that time with my more-than-precious niece and watching Mamaw get so much pleasure out of seeing her! The next morning we planned to leave, but the hotel offered us another night since we had been locked out of our room, so we took it! Woohoo! Another day spent with family is great!

That evening, we had a little impromptu party/picnic in our hotel room and then the next morning mom and I went to check on Mamaw...she was peacfully sleeping, so Mom and I were able to sit outside her room and actually look at one another and visit...we had been able to see one another, but until then, we hadn't really had the opportunity to visit with each other! It was always so funny to go back to the hotel lobby to find Eric and Jen with all six of the kids' having breakfast. They always looked so cheerful and seemed to have everything under control. Of course, it was more fun to watch everyone else watching them...and some even asking, "Are all of these kids yours?" It was too funny! We spent the day meandering about town, visiting with Mamaw, going up to her house to see it again before it's sold, and an evening spent swimming in the pool. It was yet~again another wonderful day!

That evening, Eric and I packed the car, so the next morning we just grabbed a quick bite to eat from the hotel and drove over to say goodbye to Mamaw until we can come back and see her. It is so difficult to say goodbye to someone that loves you and that you love so much, but we had to start driving back home. We made an educational stop in Vicksburg for a while and then got back on the road. The trip back home didn't seem to take too long! Hope we remember that when we look at our calendars to go back out there! Soon, I hope!

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