Saturday, September 27, 2008

Geaux, LSU!

After the girls played HARD outside ALL day long, it was bath-time before anyone was allowed to sit down for a spell to watch the LSU~MSU game! Well, Angelwings had to have been pretty tired, for she took her shower and went on to bed...or maybe sick...that's really not like her! And Cricket and Love just had to watch the "big game" so I told them that they could watch it if they'd sit still and quietly, knowing that it was just a matter of minutes before they would fall asleep! Yep...momma was right!Now we just have to wait until Daddy comes home, for I can't pick'em up...sweet things are just getting too big!
And while the B-man's bed is in the wash, he was plum-tuckered as well, so look where he found a comfy place...big fella crammed himself into the top of a laundry basket...long day for all!
While Eric has run down to Walgreens to get some last minute sales, I'm working on making his favorite fall cake for Sunday dinner tomorrow, Irish Cream Pound Cake. The Schneiders are in town, so they'll be joining us Chans and Steves! I'm looking forward to seeing them!

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