Monday, September 01, 2008

I do declare!

I do declare, Miss B.! You are amazing!
After her reading on my blog that we've been just worn out, I just received a sweet, sweet note in the postal mail from a dear friend who told me that she was hoping that we are feeling better and encouraging me in our new homeschool room/year!
I really appreciate that, B! I had a sweet aunt Carolyn who was wonderful at writing notes to friends and family, and just as she has passed away... so seems the art of writing to one another. Our girls love to write notes to others and to one another, and I hope to continue to instill that art/love in them.
So from one 'school marm' to another...Thanks, Bonnie, for that sweet card!

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~Bookworm~ said...

Did I miss pics of your new homeschool room? If so, please direct me to them. If not, Please post some!
Love and Joy in Jesus,