Saturday, September 27, 2008

A lovely night on the town!

Last Thursday night, we had 'the' most amazing evening! But first...a little background history...
This year, I 'broke away from the mold' [AO curriculum] and scheduled our composer studies to follow the Masterworks Series being performed by our local symphony, and this year the Masterworks Series was going to open with the magnificent music of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony featuring the CSO orchestra and chorus and guest pianist Sin-Hsing Tsai. So we've been over-indulging ourselves in Beethoven's music...he was such a talented being that had such an interesting life!
Then I asked Ricci if we had already gotten our tickets, and he said that we hadn't....aghhh! So we frantically added up the costs, and it was going to be $70 for some cheap-o seats. Not exactly what I was dreaming of! Then the next day, Ricci called home from work and said that he had won us tickets! Not only did God give us tickets....He gave us Center Orchestra tickets!
So on Thursday night, when Ricci came home from work, the girls and I were dressed and ready to go...shocking to him, I know...and he took us down along the river to the Bluff View art district, which is a lovely unique neighborhood originally fashioned in the style of a small European Village. Very apropros, I do say! We ate some delicious food at Tony's Pasta before heading off to the symphony at the Tivoli theatre.
The music was unbelievable, and the girls loved it! They were sooo well behaved! And at intermission, it was great to see some friends that we haven't seen in some time.What a lovely evening it was! I'll always be thankful!

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