Monday, September 29, 2008

Long weekend! Late nights!

This weekend we had the pleasant surprise of getting to see some long-time, family friends that we haven't seen in a looong time! And what's even better is when you're able to pick up where you left off! It was a pleasant surprise that they were going through "our neck 'o the woods"! Pastor Schneider is the one that married Eric and I, and we've known them...forever! So after church, we had the Steves over for lunch along with the Schneiders, and it was a great afternoon to just be able to catch up with one another (along with a little chaos of all of the little peeps running here and there!)....after lunch the fellas just stayed at the table ALL afternoon while us gals sat in the living room and enjoyed a great Sunday afternoon...else called 'a day of rest.'
Then today... we're getting back into the swing of the 'work' week. Mondays...else called 'a day of detox'! (We're having to wean ourselves off of a fun weekend with daddy at home with us!) So this evening at devotions, everyone stayed awake...then after each individual was finished by one 'we lost a good soldier' as my dad has always said.

First, Lovey prays; then (if it's late at night) we jiggle Cricket, our early riser to pray; then Angelwings, our late-night gal, prays; then myself; then Ricci. But this evening everyone's so tired, so after each prayed, each fell asleep.

Lovey, trying so hard to stay awake, fell on into sweet slumber sitting on top of my purse while she held onto Pandi and her cute, little ballet backpack that Mimi gave her.
And then there's Cricket who gets more snuggly the sleepier she gets! All who know her well know that she just can't stay awake too late...not for anything!

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