Thursday, September 18, 2008

Goodbye, twaddle! Hello, living!

Well, I've got the fever...not spring but fall!
I've been tossin' out almost everything not nailed down! I've divided everything into three piles: give (to some lucky/unlucky recipient...there's a ton in your pile, Jen!), toss (broken stuff/junk), and donate/sell (goodwill/JBF). And Brite's promised to come over to show me how to handle selling things on EBay...I mean, come' many signed photos of George Jones does one gal need?!? (Sorry, Mamaw!)

And it has been bitter sweet! I'm such a sap, so I can get misty when looking at things (clothes, books, toys) that the girls have outgrown. And then I'm also an organized pack-rat, so I can very efficiently stuff/organize things...give me a photo box or Rubbermaid container, and I'm happy as can be!
But it's also so free-ing to see an empty, clean space! We're unloading our bookshelves, closets, etc. Woohoo! Out with the old twaddle, and in with the new 'living' books! (That part's pretty exciting!) And as much as Eric teases me about holding on to all of my Southern Living and Martha Stewart, he is now teasing me about using them as the foundation of our new house when we start to build it...I think that's hysterical! He's always said that if there's a tornado warning, he's taking us to the basement to get in the middle of my 'neatly bagged' stacks of SL and MS magazines!
Again, it's sad to watch the girls' being transformed into young ladies, but it's such a reward at the same time to watch them! So we're in the process of re-arranging a few toys/pieces of furniture around here and there as we bring in a few more grown-up items. (Anyone just have a hankerin' to come and paint some walls with me?!?)
So with a fresh, clean slate, one has to re-decorate! Right?!? I get such a high from moving/changing furniture around!
'I' (with lots of Ricci's help) painted an old table and several chairs that we're using for all looks like new! We were given this table, which used to be just stained with an oak finish (oak's just not me!), and I've had these "Wendy's" chairs since I was living at home...they've been painted/recovered so many times! (Uncle Ray had some kind of business deal with someone at Wendy's, and all I can remember is that one year everyone in the family went home with several Wendy's chairs! Thanks again, Uncle Ray!)
So now I'm trying to decide on the fabric that I'll use to recover to other chairs that I've also painted a shiny black. I've already used the gold with black dots on the two chairs (above), and the other two fabrics still in the running are two black fabrics, each with red, sage and gold tones. One is more faded, and one is 'brighter' in contrast. Opinion?!? (They're resting atop the sofa that's already in the family room.) I just need to make my run to the goodwill and recycle center and then decide what to do with all of these twaddle books! Want some?!?

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5ladsand1lassie said...

Oh HONEY, I wish I could be there and help you and then you could come here and help me paint/wallpaper, etc. I think we might not get a whole lot done though...I think we'd much rather sit and chat with some coffee! Right?