Saturday, August 30, 2008

The bounty is overflowing!

Just like God's amazing grace in my life, the bounty of friends and fresh fruits/vegetables is overflowing!

Sis and daughter Emmaline went with us this morning to pick some apples, pears, and apple-pears (I didn't know about those before today!) out at the home of our good friends, Greg and Peggy. The girls had the best time running around, playing on Alexx's "kingdom," catching butterflies, checking out the pond,...

It was so wonderful to see them running around in such a gorgeous setting!

I also had never seen a handy-dandy apple picker like this one either!

Or a fancy-shmancy pear picker like this one either!!!And what a bounty we brought home! Isn't it all gorgeous?!?

I'm so excited about making some applesauce and apple butter (for Ricci and the girls), an apple tart or two, pear and apple-pear preserves, and I beginning to sound like Bubba on Forrest Gump describing shrimp? And I'm sure that we'll find other ways to use our yummy gifts, for which we are very thankful! Ricci has fond memories of growing up with his grandparents' cupboard full of home-made apple sauce, etc., and I'm hoping that his grandmother will 'hook me up' with some good family recipes!

So it appears that my hippie friends aren't all that hippie and that I'm falling into hippie tendencies too, which leaves me thinking, " it hippie or is it being a good wife/momma?) Either way, I'll keep my preppy/hippie tendencies!

Thank you so very much, Greg and Peggy!


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful orchard, bounty, and of course, the children!!! Thanks for sharing!

liz said...


Richard and Deloris said...

This is where I left a comment....about how I crave fruit from time to time, etc. And I mentioned the Pear Butter recipe of Richard's mom's (which I haven't looked for yet).

kendall said...

Okay, We'll take 2 apple tarts and some pear preserves!!!! Also, Would like to purchase 3 very beautiful black and white dresses(Ivey's rehearsal dinner) from you when your girls outgrow them...Mallie and Mommy say they're marvelous dahrling!!!! Where did you find them?

mom2dixiechirps said...

Lo-Lo, I'd love to 'borrow' that recipe when you find it!

Kendall, breakfast will be served at 9:30 [9:00, if I get up early enough!]! Is that good enough for ya?!?