Friday, August 15, 2008

"Field of Poppies"

Hmmm....can you guess what artist we studied this summer? Macy brought me this coloring this morning, and I am so proud of her for remembering such detail, for it's been a couple of weeks since we studied this painting/artist!
For those of you that might be interested, this summer we came across some excellent books that are written by an author named James Mayhew.
We are still currently checking out his books as often as we can, but this summer we read (over and over and over!) a set of books which describe a little girl named Katie who goes to art museums with her grandmother. Each book begins with Katie and her grandmother making the decision to go and visit an art museum, and once they get there, for some reason or another, Katie's grandmother always has to stop to rest. She allows Katie to wander around the different paintings. So through the beautiful, colorful pages Katie and her vivid imagination enters the individual paintings and discovers lots of interesting stories and details.
In the particular book, Katie Meets The Impressionists, when Katie jumps into a painting called, "Field of Poppies" by Claude Monet, she has a good time playing with Claude Monet's son Jean before going on a picnic with Jean and his mother in a "field of poppies." The other artists included in this particular book are Pierre Auguste Renoir and Edgar Degas.
These books really make the art/artist more real for a child! I highly recommend them!


Ivey said...

Amazing work Macey! I'll be able to say I knew you before you were famous! Love yall

Anonymous said...

Maybe Macy takes after her Great-PawPaw's talent.

~Bookworm~ said...

Beautiful!! Please keep sharing! I love your blog so much!
Love and Joy in Jesus,
Marietta (from CMersinGa)