Sunday, August 03, 2008

Update on "Being worn out!"

Thanks to those for the sweet calls and checking on us!
As for now, no news is good news!
After having taken Tress to the pediatrician on Monday, we had to have Dr. Phil (close friend of ours) drop by and make a house-call on little A...thank you, Dr. Phil! For on Tuesday night when we were finishing up devotions with the girls, Annie grabbed her chest and started saying she was having chest pains! So for quite a while that evening her heartbeat was very irregular, and thankfully Dr. Phil correctly said that we could spend the night at home instead of the ER, and when we took her in the next morning, the irregular heartbeats did still show up on her EKG. And interestingly, mom told me that it was when I was going into 3rd grade that my irregular heartbeats began...isn't that interesting?!? So we're keeping an eye on her and trying to keep her that's a feat! ;) But please keep praying with us that we'll know how to take the utmost care for her! She's such an active child [;)] that it's often difficult to know when it's a chest pain that deserves medical attention or if it's just 'normal.'
So after spending Wednesday morning at the hospital, we met up with Efrem to take him out to lunch for his birthday...then over to Wally World; then on Thursday we took Craig to lunch then over to Wally World; we were in there for four hours...and through a terrible storm which took out the electricity three different that was a trip to write home about! And I've learned that it's more helpful to them if we just work on their shopping list, not mine; so by Friday, sweet Eric took the afternoon off to assist me in our 'back to school' shopping, and there we were....back at Wally World! Then Target, Office Depot, Walgreens, etc.!
Then on Saturday morning, we took the girls to the annual library party (I just LOVE those goodie bags!), and although it was a hot day, it was fun! Then Sams and back home to work on getting ready for another school year!

Enjoying a quick popsicle with the Chans and the Steves!

Isn't this Sam the cutest thing?!?

So today we begin a new week! I'm almost scared to look into the sales ads to see what other great stuff is out there, but here are a few of my favorite finds: the 'buy one, get two' Mirado Black Warrior pencils from Walgreens, my new Sharpie pens (love'em!), my new book easel, and our new book case from Target! Oh, and our new artist Sketch books for our nature studies!

The family room is looking better too...I still have a few more things that I would like to finish up to make it 'perfect' for us, but I just love the way it's lookin' already! (You know...that feeling you get inside when you've moved furniture around?!?)

I'm really looking forward to getting everything else set up, but here's a quick peak at my new organizing individual cube for artist/composer, history, literature, nature study, and one still to fill! Then the girls each have a cubby for their individual books! (Organizing gives me such a thrill!)
We (at least momma and daddy!) are soooo looking forward to more structure with the day-to-day 'back to school' lifestyle!


Laura said...

Yes! Sam IS the cutest thing! My kids had such a good time with y'all on Saturday!

brite said...

I remember taking Mrs. Lyon shopping way back when Cooper was an infant, and I didn't know it would be a several hour are a sweet friend!

mom2dixiechirps said...

Yes, we try to get her to the store every other week, at least! (And as the kids are getting older, it is getting easier! I used to let her and Macy go off alone to do her shopping, but I've caught more than one item going into her buggy that they both swore to me was heavily discounted...which they weren' now I stay with 'em to make sure that they're reading the correct price tag! It is a lot of fun, and we do get lots of laughs!)
I just know that I'd love to know that someone was doing the same for my grandmother! We've all gotta work together! Coincidently, her grand-daughter Elizabeth lives just down the road from Mamaw and often visits the man across the hall from Mamaw.

Anonymous said...

What an organizer!!!! Love your blog! Such a teaching tool!