Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A garden that only an owner could love!

Once again this year... our gardening containers are flourishing, our flower beds are continuing to look better than they did last year, and.... our garden is only a garden that an owner could love.

You know....how beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

The herb-side of the garden is doing really well with our cilantro, basil, mint, lavender, and rosemary! Too great, perhaps! And the vegetable-side...well, it's less than desirable! But our tomatoes are finally beginning to fruit after 'we' (Ricci) removed the horn-worm, and we did harvest one amazing zucchini from seed! So I'm happy with our results!

We don't have the space to go crazy with a garden area, so I'm happy with the results that we've achieved from our 4'x8' space! And this one flawless zucchini made an amazing addition to our lasagna that evening! The girls gobbled it up! (Of course, it was helped that it was also made with our yummy puttanesca, Aunt Jan!)

But I just had to share a photo of this tomato hornworm for those of y'all that are interested...it's quite a bundle of nature study! Oops...I just remembered that I was too afraid to take the lid off of the jar to even take a photo...yes, y'all can tell that I love a controlled atmosphere to do our nature study! [;)] But here is a photo that looks identical to the one that we had...complete with all of the 30 or so white eggs that covered it! And be sure to click here to learn more about this nasty, fascinating creature!

(Now we know why we haven't produced any more tomatoes than have been on the grocer's shelves!) Then this evening I walked by his glass house (a Ball jar with a lid w/ holes), and it was full of flying baby wasps! So BACK upstairs I went to get the girls BACK out of bed! Between impromptu nature study and allowing them stay up later than normal to watch the Olympics, thank goodness we homeschool!

It was amazing to watch the baby wasps chewing out of their eggs like they were making little hinged lids! Yes, we have gotten our money's worth out of our little $2.50 magnifier!


~Bookworm~ said...

Love and Joy in Jesus,

liz said...

That is awesome. Now I wish I hadn't fed our tomato worm to the turtle. :)

liz said...

Yeah, we have a red ear slider, Rachel's pet. I don't have any pics up right now. Need to do that! Stripo the turtle lived in a bucket in my bathroom over the winter. (The life of a homeschooler.)

mom2dixiechirps said...

Liz, that's hysterical! I can't wait to meet the slider and Stripo!

Marietta, you are actually the one who made me stop and see the beauty in the hornworm...thank you! Until we had one of our own, I just didn't appreciate your excitement in looking at a worm and a wasp! [;)]