Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blessed with a bounty of food and friends!

A sweet, dear friend suprised us today when she dropped by to share some goodies with us.

Every Wednesday afternoon, several of our hippie friends stop by a local drop-off and pick up their produce from a co-op that they are all in (Y'all KNOW that I'm kidding about the hippie-thing! And some of you may take that as a compliment [;)]). And throughout the summer, when our itty-bitty garden isn't producing what I'd like for it to be producing, I have to admit that I do get a eensy-teensy bit jealous!

So this afternoon, I was thrilled when Elaine stopped by and sweetly gave us what we wanted out of her basket!

There was so much bounty...full of amazing color, texture, shapes, etc.! (Our God is so good to give us what we wouldn't expect!) Now I'm excited about serving them to my family...and of course, Nick and Elaine too! Since they aren't feeling too well these days and don't feel like 'dealing' with these great foods, do you think if I prepare them some yummy things that they'll stop by next week?!? I won't count on it!

Here are the names and some pics from their shared bounty!

- Delicata Squash
- Garlic
- Tomatoes
- Sungold Cherry Tomatoes
- Zephyr Squash
- Cucumbers
- Zucchini or Sweet Peppers
- Hot Peppers
- Eggplant
- Okra
- Genovese or Cinnamon Basil
Isn't it all gorgeous?!?
Thank you sooo much, Nick and Elaine!


wbtrice said...

As one of your hippie friends, I think I can say we take it as a compliment. ;-) We buy local produce... is that so weird? ;-)

Mamosa said...

What an interesting variety, what a blessing!

I guess I'd qualify as a hippie too if that means buying local :)

mom2dixiechirps said...

Okay! Okay! Okay! Buying local does NOT make one a hippie! Unless your walkin' in with anything made out of hemp OR everything made out of recyclable products! So is there a sign-up sheet for preppy hippies?!?

liz said...

My parents were hippies... does that count? The veggie pics are great!