Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas!

Yes, today is the day that I begin setting my expectation levels for the snowfall for the coming winter! And as usual...I already have high expectations!

Today the Farmers' Almanac released their published 2009 edition!

For those that know me well, they know that I don't prefer to get out in it, but I'll be the first one to wake everyone up shouting/calling that it's indeed snowing and that I'll get the hot chocolate started for those that wish to venture out! (Kendall, Shelley & Co....y'all can just plan to come on 'down' to our house, for I'm not coming 'up' there! So don't even start askin'!)

The Associated Press published today that "Numb's the word!" Not looking at what I don't want to see (next summer's predictions), I immediately looked for what I did want to read...

We, the Southeast, should expect above-normal precipitation this coming January and February! I'll just pretend that they accidentally forgot to mention late December...bless their hearts!

Isn't this exciting?!?


Ivey said...

I'm dreaming of cold and snow too! Everyone here in c-town tells me not to get my hopes up, but maybe I will be wearing a winter coat after all down here!

brite said...

I'm with you in my excitement of SEEING snow vs. being out in it. Do you think it's because we are FL girls? :) I'd like the snow to hold off until after baby Thomas is born, just so I don't have that to worry about...but anytime after is great!

Anonymous said...

Get your guest room ready!