Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boiled Peanut Restriction

In our house, no one wants to be put on boiled peanut restriction! It's the worst! Growing up, I thought that everyone had the sophisticated taste for boiled peanuts, grits, sweet tea, etc. But now I appreciate that there are those that haven't developed their taste for these fine's all the more for us! Yes, we LOVE boiled peanuts, so when Meems and P-Daddy brought us up some of the biggest peanuts we've ever seen, we immediately started them a-boilin'! Hmmm....they're so good! And these angels of ours can put'em away! Actually, we all can, but Angel Wings in particular had us crackin' up...we eventually had to put her on 'boiled peanut restriction'!

We told her that she had already eaten half of them, and she said, "I know...this is my last one!" Then we'd turn around, and she was still eating her honest, sweet voice, she humbly said, "I know...I know! I thought I had stopped, but each time I look down, there's another one in my hand!" Bless her heart!

So as the tomato season vanishes, God has provided us with our yummy boiled peanut season! And we'll soon start clammering for the pecans that sweet Uncle Charles sends up to us from Graceville, FL (other side of the state line from Dothan, AL).

Thanks for the peanuts and pecans, Mimi, Pawpaw and Uncle Charles!


Laura said...

I've always been ashamed that as a southern gal, I never developed the taste for goober peas!!!

mom2dixiechirps said...

And to think that I've always considered you to be sophisticated!!!

Mama Hue Baby said...

I can relate. They are so healthy for you. You can't eat just one.