Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Do you need some deodorant?!?"

Cricket LOVES to go through the Sunday paper with her daddy! Me...I just like it for the sale ads! Not that I can clearly remember any of them and match them up with savings, but I like to think that I do!
But I just think it's so humorous the way Cricket is attracted to the same sections that her daddy is attracted to! I just think it's so cute the way they both think so much alike! But one area where she thinks like her momma...she loves to look at the ads and clip out coupons...however, she thinks that if she has a coupon for this or that, then we just have to hop in the car to go and get it!

Last night, while she was sitting at the foot of our bed she said, "Momma/Daddy, do you need some deodorant?"

"Um...excuse me?"

"Do you need deodorant? Or dishwashing detergent?"

It took us a second to notice that she was clipping out the Walgreen's coupons from their sale ad!

And if you're wondering...yes, they are having a great sale on deodorant and dishwashing detergent! Now...if I can just get my act together and combine those with other coupons...then I can pretend that I'm a coupon-savvy gal like some of my other friends!

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Mama Hue Baby said...

That's great. Momma' little helper.