Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mental soup, anyone?!?

Tonight I served lentil soup with smoked sausage, cornbread and sweet tea. And while the girls were setting the table, Lovey hollered, "I love mental soup!"

This colder weather (I'm freezing!) has me in the mood for yummy soups and chilis! Hmmm! I need some new soup any?!?


wbtrice said...

We've been on a soup kick, too. :) Last night we did an italian white bean soup, but my other favorites include leek and potato soup (you could use onions instead of leeks), and Christina Jones' Mexican Chicken soup- on the menu for Friday night. Let me know if you want any recipes!

mom2dixiechirps said...

I do! I'd love to have them all! I bought some ditalini pasta to try and copy the vegetable soup at Olive Garden, although I haven't been there in years, so I'm going way back into my memory. I also love getting their potato~Italian sausage may have leaks, I can't remember. The last time I had it was a couple of years ago when the girls and I drove down to Atlanta to see E's mom for her birthday.

Laura said...

WE had sausage-lentil soup last night too!

One of our favorite soups is Kalyndra's White Bean Chili (in the newer RP cookbook). It's super-fast and a crowd pleaser!

Mama Hue Baby said...

Our family favorite is Mexican soup. It is really easy, you dump a bunch of mexican stuff in a crocket pot and forget it. I'll post the recipe to my blog for all to see.