Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A whirlwind of a week and a day!

Whew, doggy, have the days sped up! Every year at this time (beginning of fall) as the days grow shorter, the to-do lists seem to grow longer! What's the deal?!?

Last week we 'almost' finished up the fall cleaning (I'm almost caught up on my laundry...and by that I mean 'under five loads' to do! I still have hope that I'll get there!); we had our first day of prairie club; the girls and I manned the house while Ricci was away on a business trip! Then Meems and P-Daddy came to visit...Mimi's annual October 'flee from town so that no one throws me a surprise bday party' visit! And before I knew it...the week was over, my head hit a pillow, and I was out! Too much to do~Too little time!

What a fun visit we had while Mimi and PawPaw were here! On Friday, Dad was able to spend some time out on their property while Mimi, the girls and I hit the town looking for deals, eating at Taco Roc (of course!), and meeting L and kids at the playground for an impromptu play date.

Of course, there were several funny things that occurred while they were here, but one really funny thing was that Mimi brought me a 'bag of stuff' that she had found under my bed at home...in that bag was a ton of notes written in high school. Why I saved them back then? I don't know! But it was fun going through them...most of them written between myself, Lorrie, Chip, Adam, and I haven't finished going through them...they are too funny! "If I knew then, what I know now!" Anyway, while I was reading them...out of the blue, Mom asks, "Have you ever heard anything from Eryn Ferguson?" I told her, "No, I don't think that I've seen her since the evening we graduated from high school." Then as I walked into the family room (where our computer is)...there were TWO emails from Eryn Ferguson! Aghhh! ISN'T THAT CRAZY?!? I screamed and told mom, and she knows that Jen and I always kid each other about our lives seeming as if we're on the Truman show (you know...that our entire life is actually a TV show). So she kiddingly acted as if she was holding something up to the lights as if they were our sponsor for that episode! Aghh...yes, we have a crazy (FUN!) family!

Then after Ricci returned home from his trip, we went to the corn maze...lots of fun getting lost and riding the hay rides! Then we attempted to make it into the Wilderness Temple downtown; we waited in a slowly moving line for about two hours, and as the sun set we grew cold, tired, and hungry! We were probably going to be the next in line, but we all decided at the same time...we were out-a-there! (Has anyone been yet? Is it worth our going back?) So Dad took us all to dinner, then we went home and had a little bday party for Meems!

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Mama Hue Baby said...

What is the Wilderness Temple? Is it the same as Moses Temple or the Ark of the Covenant? We went to that Fri. It was amazing.