Saturday, October 04, 2008

Thank you, Daddy!

This afternoon, Cricket received a piece of mail out of the mailbox! Her "very own piece of mail" as the girls squeal!

After reading about Cricket and her love of flowers, Pawpaw sent her a sweet note with some photo slides of beautiful flowers that my Pawpaw had taken. The slides are beautiful, but even more is the love and care that they invest in one another's lives. The girls each have their own individual relationships with my parents (and my sister and her family), individually. And it's so cute to observe.

After Cricket opened her letter and had Angelwings read it aloud to her (it was written in his beautiful, fancy handwriting), she immediately wanted to call him. So she did...and I have to admit that I did overhear her leave her message on the such a big girl! She was so excited, and her voice was so animated in all of her appreciation! And it's so funny to listen to her when he calls her back. They'll stay on the phone with one another forever (especially with Aunt Jenni!)...just to talk...and to see what each one has been up to!

I just so greatly appreciate that my children have such a close-knit relationship with my parents. Thank you, daddy, for taking your time to invest yourself in their lives! And for so many other reasons...too many to count!

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