Tuesday, October 21, 2008

From Saloon to the Prairie!

"From Saloon to the Prairie!" This is the title of the pattern that I've begun to use in my making prairie dresses for the girls.

Now... I've never sewn before other than decorative sewing (pillows, curtains...and other things that don't require a pattern...and cross-stitching, of course!), but L promised that if Mom got me started that she'd help me finish them up before the girls' next prairie club! And ohhh..I can't wait until they're finished...they're going to be so cute!

Mimi, thanks for shopping with me for the fabric...and keeping me on track! (I'm not crafty, but I am creative, so I always aimlessly walk through Hobby Lobby looking at all of the endless 'possibilities'!) And thanks, L, for getting me started in this new endeavor! It's sew much fun!

Surely, I'll post some pics when finished!

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