Monday, October 13, 2008

The girls on YouTube!

This weekend, we were invited to an Andrew Peterson concert for his new album's release, Resurrection Letters, Vol. II.
It was a great concert; the first half was the story behind each song on the new album, and the second half of the concert was songs by request. So of course, Annie and Tressie thrust their little arms into the air, and once they offered their request, it was followed by "I can help you!" And if a momma and daddy's heart could have ever burst, this was one of those times...we were so proud of the girls! It was too precious!
Annie ran up on stage, followed by little Tressie, who walked up there following big sissie's lead. AP ever-so-kindly shared the stage with them and even cracked up a couple of times when Annie improvised the bass guitar...something that we hear every day but that he wasn't expecting.
Of ALL times, guess who was without a camera?!? Me!!! I couldn't believe it! I ALWAYS have my camera! Thankfully, there was a great couple sitting behind us that overheard my dying request for a camera, and they captured most of it on video! new best friends!
And thankfully Eric's friend, Drew, who was promoting the concert, captured this great photo!
Thank you sooo much, Drew, James & Becky! And Andrew!!
And Tif... don't worry about giving us a CD for Christmas; we got one while we were there! ;) Thankfully, this one too was avoid any future confusion..hee hee!


Mamosa said...

I bet you WERE proud! I meant to make it to the concert, but couldn't. AP used to be the youth leader at our church in Florida, Real Life Christian Church (Fred and Becky Smith) before our time there. I love his song, Nothing to Say.

mom2dixiechirps said...

Wow! What a small world! I bet AP was a fantastic youth leader! We've enjoyed getting to know him!

Ron Davis said...

That was so much fun to see. I could tell Andrew really enjoyed it.

I heard Andrew say one time (at least I'm pretty sure it was Andrew that said this) that it's the highest compliment when kids like your music.

You could see it in his eyes - he really enjoyed having her on stage with him for that. I enjoyed it, too. I've heard him play that song more times than I can count, but I've never see it quite like that.

Mamacita said...

What hams! I'm sure I can come up with some other CD you already have. Maybe I'll sign it myself this time! I wouldn't put it past me...I am pregnant and that's always a good excuse, huh!

Shelly said...

Annie and Tressie are so precious!